Empowering your m.i.n.d. to activate your life

In this seminar we will focus on biblical principles to assist in equipping you to walk out a life that is pleasing to God, full of love, peace and forgiveness. This class is necessary for breaking down barriers and smoke screens that have consistently kept you stuck or going in circles with situations in your life.

Unlocking your Treasures Requires the Keys

In this seminar we will focus on the specific keys contained in the Bible that unlock your treasures to inspire your life. We address 5 keys that are necessary for access to God’s greatest gifts and how God’s word says to obtain them.

Maintain momentum in the midst of the Monotonous

In this seminar we will focus on self- care and balance while advancing the kingdom of God on earth. We will identify biblical strategies and how to overcome obstacles and what God says about caring for our temples, our relationships, and our ministries.

Accessing your greatness to empower your life

God is a dream-giver. His dream equals His promise. Joshua and Caleb were men with God-given dreams. Treasures from God’s word revive our dreams and teach us how to live life as we move forward into the fulfillment of God’s promises for our lives. This seminar is meant to inspire participants to renew their dedication to God and their dreams to empower their lives.

In Expectation of Manifestation

In this seminar we will focus on God’s promises according to His word and the power of our faith. We will discuss key faith principals of walking, working and persevering in our faith. This seminar will demolish and expose the lies of the enemy and help you stand firm in the promises and truth of God’s word.


Topics can also be customized to suit your needs.