Kingdom Culture Consulting L.L.C., thrives in assisting aspiring entrepreneurs in establishing purposeful and profitable small business ventures.

We provide tools for business, valuable education and access to resources to help you successfully launch and excel in entrepreneurship. 

You’ve been called to make a difference and impact your community through small business. Your passionate about your product and service but desire assistance with business strategies, collaborations,  mentoring and coaching.

We are here just for you!

Kingdom Culture Consulting LLC, can assist you with:

  • Business Plans
  • Financial resources (I.e Banking, accounting, bookkeeping, credit analysis and repair, P&L statements etc.)
  • Business Coaching and Mentors
  • Purposeful Partnerships and Collaborations
  • Not for Profit and Philanthropic Consulting
  • Marketing and Branding your business

And More…….

We serve the creatives, solopreneurs, authors,  and service based business owners.  

If you’re here…..THIS IS YOU!

Find out about our organization, mission, how we serve, and programs to support emerging entrepreneurs.

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