Kingdom Culture Consulting strives to assist aspiring entrepreneurs in establishing businesses that desire to operate based on Kingdom principles, by providing them with the tools, education, and access needed to launch, propel, and excel in business.

Our home offices are located in Southfield, Michigan. We are able to assist entrepreneurs nationally. Whether you are a brick and mortar business, or 100% on line, KCC can assist you with specific goals and strategies to help you succeed in business. 


Tiffany Elder




Meet Our Lead Strategist

Tiffany is passionate mentor and consultant to aspiring entrepreneurs. Having an ambitious entrepreneurial drive, Tiffany is the owner and founder of three successful small businesses: Aisha Tiffany Skin Studios (Beauty Services),  ICON by Aisha Tiffany (Jewelry, Makeup, and Fragrance Line) and Kingdom Culture Consulting.  For the past 10 years, Tiffany has assisted many entities including coaching practices, service based businesses and not for profit organization in helping them launch and excel in business.  Tiffany's desire is to see people living out their true destiny and fulfilling God’s purpose for their lives. Her ongoing commitment to her clients success and God lead path, is what fuels her dedication and discipline.

Every person has the opportunity to achieve greatness and realize dreams... No matter what chaos you’ve come through!
— Tiffany Elder



"Tiffany, you are amazing. God has given you favor and you share it with the world. I would like to thank you for helping guide my vision and support my dreams. 

I believe, but you make others SOAR, DARE TO DREAM BIGGER and activate all that is within for God to get the glory.  God bless you!

KCC is MAGNIFICENT. My life has been transformed because of Tiffany's ability to engage with her clientele and lead them on a road of redemption. She raises entrepreneurs up to their God-given potential.

~Aliya Armstrong; S.T.A.R.S.

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"KCC is a well organized, people oriented service for increasing an individual's business knowledge and understanding when developing a plan for rendering effective biblical based principles.

I utilized KCC when seeking services for a consultant. The response from KCC was impeccable and the assessment completed during our initial call made me to feel like the services I needed were going to benefit my organization to make substantial change. 

Thank you KCC for the work you do

~Dr. Trinaa' Copeland; TLC Consulting


"The Kingdom Business Leaders Academy prepares new and seasoned business owners with the tools to be successful in today's competitive marketplace. 

It was a pleasure to see the progress that these students made in such a short time. Everything from designing the vision and mission for your business to discussing how to protect your business with the right structures - KBLA covers it. 

If you are looking to jump start your business, you owe it to yourself and your business to invest in this program. 

~Amelia Brown; Ms. Michigan Plus 2015

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