“Every person has the opportunity to achieve greatness and realize dreams, no matter what chaos you’ve come through.”

After struggling with years of disobedience, and suffering the consequences of her rebellion, Tiffany accepted the divine destiny that God ordained for her life and faithfully submitted to Him for ministry. For more than two decades, she has served the Kingdom of God as an ordained minister; fully functioning in the gifts of healing, discernment, and prophecy. Whether speaking in counseling sessions, presenting in groups, workshops, or retreats, it is Tiffany’s mission to help those who are stuck at the starting line of purpose, and she truly understands how to overcome the hurdles of chaotic situations and still land on greatness. Tiffany has conquered issues surrounding depression, infertility, divorce, suicide and childhood tragedies. She helps people break through the walls of pain, guilt, regret and un-forgiveness by fostering hope, encouraging change, and empowering determination. As a highly sought after speaker, Tiffany is devoted to seeing people free from their fears, the shame of their past, and living their lives extraordinarily. Although faced with great challenges, Tiffany continues to believe that every person has the opportunity to achieve greatness and realize their dreams; no matter what chaos they’ve come through.

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